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Citation Guide: Copyright

Guiding Rule...when in doubt, ask permission from the creator of the information you wish to use.

This page is for information only, not legal advice. 

What is copyright?

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Proper use of library database content

Library databases are licensed for non-commercial educational purposes by CURRENT LCU students, faculty & staff. The full text included in the databases is copyrighted by the publisher. You may:

  • link directly to items in the databases via a persistent (durable) link
  • make copies for in-class handouts 
  • provide electronic copies (behind a password barrier) BUT students should not retain copies after the class. 
  • use images for personal or educational presentations WITH copyright statement. Images may not be copied, emailed or posted on the web without the written permission of the author/publisher. 

Authorized users may not copy, distribute, transmit or sell any database content nor remove copyright notices. 


Note: formal permission must be in writing for full protection. Looking for an online creator? See contact information or Permissions department. Correct citation doesn't substitute for permission when permission is needed. Proper attribution contains:
  • author
  • title of work
  • medium of work
  • date 
  • source credit line (journal, publisher, institution or URL)
  • copyright statement / photo credit if applicable 

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