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Library Classroom: Library Classroom

Collaboration Pods

We are deeply grateful to the Associates of LCU for their generous donation to help furnish the LCU Library Instruction Lab.

Classrooms Intended Purpose

The library classroom is intended for formal instruction sessions by library staff and special class sessions by University faculty. It may also be available for meetings and receptions for campus personnel by reservation. Library instruction will take precedent over other activities.

Classroom Calendar

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Classroom Policy:
Tables and chairs in the classroom are flexible and are able to be rearranged. However, we request that you do not move the Smart Board and Presentation Station as they are installed permanently. Please, straighten the room, return tables and chairs to their initial location, clean off the tables and chairs, close blinds, and turn out the lights before you leave. Remove any trash to the outside receptacles. 

Questions about classroom availability and scheduling will be addressed via email by Kate Spence or at 806-720-7332. We request that all scheduling be made at least one week in advance (Important: include setup and cleanup time in your request). If there are any changes in the reservation, please notify Kate as soon as possible.  

Who may reserve the classroom:
The library classroom may be reserved by faculty, staff, and administrators of LCU. 

During regular teaching hours, groups may use library classrooms on a first come, first served basis only when the classroom has not been reserved for an instruction session. It is recommended that you encourage your students to bring their own devices if individual access is required. 

Reception Use:
Please, inform us if your meeting will include a meal. If a meal is needed as part of your meeting, those arrangements should be made by the person making the reservation. Please appoint someone to be responsible for keeping the floor and furniture from food and liquid damage. All trash should be removed from the room at the end of your reservation and deposited in an outside trashcan. It is very important that the room is clean for the next meeting.