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Searching The Catalog

To help you with your search, consider these search options listed in the drop down menu:

  • Keyword. This the default search option. Type in any words you want and click search. Ex.: homeless, Holocaust, pollution
  • Author. Enter author's name: last name, first name. Ex. Patterson, James
  • Title. Select this option when you have the title. Ex. 7 habits of highly effective people
  • Subject. Enter one or two words that describes your topic. Ex. gun control or euthanasia
  • Series. Enter the name of a series of books. Ex. Opposing Viewpoints or World Biblical Commentary
  • Periodical Title.  Click here to find an article in a journal or periodical.

Library Of Congress Call Numbers

Video created by the University of Arkansas Libraries.

Library of Congress Classification Class RT - Nursing 

  • R - Medicine (including public and mental health)
  • RC - Internal Medicine
  • RJ - Pediatrics
  • RT - Nursing

Catalogs For Local Libraries

You can view the catalogs for the following local libraries: