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Education: TX Educator Certification

Mission Statement

The mission of the Educator Certification Program at Lubbock Christian University is to prepare creative and innovative professional educators with high moral and ethical standards who view themselves as agents of change and who are committed to the welfare of all learners and have the understandings, attitudes, and skills necessary for effective teaching.

Field Based Experiences

The School of Education has a strong field-based component that provides pre-service teachers many opportunities to work with students and teachers in a classroom setting.  These field based experiences allow our students to gain the practical knowledge and skills necessary to become professional educators.Field based experiences include but are not limited to the following:

  • Observations
  • Tutoring
  • Developing and delivering a one-week unit
  • Developing and delivering a two-week unit
  • Student Teaching

Contact: Mrs.Tonia Boyer, 806-720-7598, Faculty Coordinator of Field Placements

Educator Certification Council Policies

  • The Educator Certification Council is responsible for insuring that educator certification candidates possess the basic skills and qualities necessary to perform the duties of a beginning teacher in a professional and Christ-like manner.  The council is comprised of the academic deans, all education faculty and faculty representing the departments offering educator certifications.  As required by the State Board of Educator Certification, the Council has established admission for all programs of study leading to educator certification.
  • Early Childhood (EC-6) candidates may not enroll in any pedagogy and professional responsibility (PPR) Core courses without the approval of the Council and admission to the Educator Certification Program.  Middle School Specialist (MSS), Secondary and All-level candidates may enroll in up to but no more than 6 hours of PPR Core before being fully admitted.  
  • All candidates must be admitted to the Educator Certification Program prior to enrollment in any of the methods block of coursework.
  • Application Packets must be returned to the Director of Certification, Wanda Dyess, by the stated deadline.

Criteria for Admission to the Educator Certification Program

Basic Skill requirements:

  • Reading - THEA score of 250 or above
  • Math – THEA score of 230 or above
  • Writing – THEA score of 230 or above
  • Oral Communication – grade of C or better in COM 3340
  • Critical Thinking– completion of university core with a minimum of 2.75 GPA, including passing the UNI 2000

General requirements:

  • Successful completion of 60 hours
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75
  • Successful completion of 12 hours in content field or interdisciplinary are with a minimum GPA of 2.75 
  • Grade of B or better in REA 3340 for EC-6 candidates

Application Portfolio must include the following items:

  • Recent photograph
  • Documentation of THEA scores
  • Unofficial transcripts from all universities attended
  • Completed Application | LCU username / password required to fill out online form
  • Completed Self-evaluation | LCU username / password required to fill out online form

A candidate must request two Faculty Recommendation forms from full-time faculty members not part of the Education department.  For MSS, Secondary and All-level candidates, one evaluation should be from a faculty member in your content area.

The Director of Certification will request a teacher disposition from a member of the Education faculty.

The Educator Certification Council meets during finals week each semester.

All questions should be addressed to Wanda Dyess, Director of Certification | 806-720-7553 | Education Building, Room 105.