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Nursing: Assignments

Assignment One

In order to introduce transcultural nursing concepts and cultural competence, view the videos posted on the class website. 

Post your responses to the 3 questions located beside the videos. 

Assignment Two

To broaden cultural knowledge, search for information on the country you will visit. How is U.S. healthcare similar or different to other countries? 

1. Locate a scholarly article on your topic. No duplicates please

2. Write a 10-15 sentence summary in conversational tone with proper grammar and spelling.

3. Include a citation (APA format) and URL if accessed online.

4. Post summary to Moodle and reply to at least one other posting.

Assignment Three

To learn about cultural theories, foundational readings are discussed. 

1. Read Leininger’s article (distributed in 1st class).

2. Locate another scholarly article related to a topic in Leininger. Also compare her to another theorist's text chosen from the books available the first class. 

3. Create your own graphic to depict cultural care dimensions or locate a model you like.

4. Be prepared to discuss your readings at the second class period and bring a printout of your cultural care model. 

Assignment Four

In order to document your windshield observations and informed assumptions, daily journal entries are made and research is located to reinforce your observations. 

1.  Choose a topic to observe during the trip and to research after the trip. Topics are chosen at 1st class meeting to avoid repetition.

2.  Using LCU Library databases, locate 5 scholarly articles plus one reputable webpage may also be included for specific country information and statistics.

3.  Include your research report with references as part of the final power point synthesis.  Include persistent links from the library databases as part of APA citation. Due final class

Review windshield survey components and utilize culture dimensions model.

Assignment Five - Synthesis

  • Present a 10-12 minute power point (15-20 slides) with photos at final class.
  • Demonstrate MSN Program Learning Outcomes met.
  • Include additional research on your observations. 
  • Provide electronic copy of synthesis on flash drive.
  • Print synthesis power point slides for instructor (6 slide handout page). Rubric is on class documents page. 

End of Course Feedback - email by final class

Name            Trip Destination 

1. Describe 1-2 most meaningful experience(s).

2. Explain how your perceptions / worldview changed because of this experience.

3. How will this course impact your practice?

4. What would you change about this course?